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What is VSIX - the North-East NAP?

The University of Padua, through its Centro di Ateneo per la Connettività e i Servizi al Territorio - VSIX, has established some facilities named North East Neutral Access Point at its venue in Galleria Spagna n° 28.

Its main purpose is promotion of the use of Internet in Veneto Region by means of the collaboration among local, national and international Internet Service Providers.

Institutional Organs

The management of VSIX is implemented through following bodies:

Executive Board of Centro di Ateneo per la Connettività e i Servizi al Territorio - VSIX has following functions:

  1. Provide guidelines for the activity of VSIX, and supervise the activities performed by the Operational Core
  2. Approve and/or modify the technical regulations of VSIX, including all related dispositions; verify their coherence with the inspiring principles, working with with the Operators Committee
  3. To define, once a year, the participants' dues; to suitably update all related dispositions, after having consulted the Operators Committee
  4. To review membership applications and to authorize the activation of service, after checking compliance of requests to entry requirements
  5. To settle any internal controversies

The Operators Committee is composed by a representative of all operators within NAP, a representative of the VSIX (appointed by the CTS), and a technician of the Veneto Region Information Systems Unit (within the framework agreement between the University of Padua and the Veneto Region).

Once a year the Operators Committee appoints a coordinator and meets upon his request or of at least one third of its members, with a week’s notice. Its tasks include:

  1. NAP service auditing
  2. Annual verification of Executory Group

The Executory Group is the operational structure of the VSIX that support the NAP service. Its aims are:

  1. To manage the data-center rooms
  2. To operate on technical infrastructure
  3. To operatively manage the activation of new adherents
  4. To troubleshoot network configuration errors
  5. To monitor and report on NAP activities
  6. To manage helpdesk and secretarial activities for the whole structure

Doubts or questions?

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