Rates and fees

Rates and fees (VAT not included) updates to June 2017.

Annual Fee
1500 Optical patch-panel with 12 (pairs) connections to Meet-me-room
1000 Copper patch-panel with 24 connections to Meet-me-room

The connections between the Meet-me-room patch-panel and the corresponding carrier rack depend on carrier specification.

Description Annual Fee
1 1/4 rack with 150W power supply 1250
2 1/3 rack with 250W power supply 1650
3 1/3 rack with 500W power supply 2250
4 1/2 rack with 500W power supply 2750
5 60x60 footprint with 500W power supply 4250
6 60x80 footprint with 500W power supply 5250
7 30x60 footprint - no power supply 1000
8 30x60 footprint with 250W power supply 2125

For each additional kW consumed, new rate is 3200 €/kW/year (or fraction)

Each NAP participant has to pay anticipately to the University of Padua Centro di Ateneo per la Connettività e i Servizi al Territorio - VSIX:

  • annual participation fee
  • annual fee for the colocation
  • annual fee for the number of optical patch panels in "Meet-me-Room"

At the participant's charge:

  1. connection expenses to the NAP
  2. configuration of own devices