Rates and fees

Rates and fees (VAT not included) updates to June 2017.

Annual Fee
1500 Optical patch-panel with 12 (pairs) connections to Meet-me-room
1000 Copper patch-panel with 24 connections to Meet-me-room

The connections between the Meet-me-room patch-panel and the corresponding carrier rack depend on carrier specification.

Description Annual Fee
1 1/3 rack with 250W power supply 1500
2 1/3 rack with 500W power supply 2000
3 1/2 rack with 500W power supply 2500
4 60x60 footprint with 500W power supply 4000
5 60x80 footprint with 500W power supply 5000
6 30x60 footprint - no power supply 1000
7 30x60 footprint with 250W power supply 2000

Colocation prices include patching facilities

Extra energy consumption must be agreed between the parts

Each NAP participant has to pay anticipately to the University of Padua Centro di Ateneo per la Connettività e i Servizi al Territorio - VSIX:

  • annual participation fee
  • annual fee for the colocation
  • annual fee for the number of optical patch panels in "Meet-me-Room"

At the participant's charge:

  1. connection expenses to the NAP
  2. configuration of own devices