What is VSIX - The North East NAP?

The University of Padua, through its Centro di Ateneo per la Connettività e i Servizi al Territorio, has established some facilities named North East Neutral Access Point at its venue in Galleria Spagna n° 28.

Its main purpose is promotion of the use of Internet in Veneto Region by means of the collaboration among local, national and international Internet Service Providers.

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VSIX on Service DB
VSIX on Service DB

VSIX is on Service DB, the portal dedicated to research and offer of Wholesale services. [read more]


Something to know...

The VSIX offers a broad band technological platform based on a highly reliable Ethernet technology.

A NAP L2 switch stack allows access to the backbone of Internet exchange.

If You are an adherent or a carrier you can access all statisticc of your traffic in our Restricted Area.

A NAP is a physical space where the networks of Internet operators are interconnected; it allows to optimize this fundamental activity of "cooperative coexistence" .

A NAP contributes to rationalize the mesh structure of the Internet. As itallows local routing of the traffic that is not addressed to others than NAP participants, it allows any participants to reduce their long-distance communication resources needs. Furthermore a mesh structurehas a greater resilience against accidents/attacks.. For these reasons a NAP in the Veneto Region improves the overall organization of the Internet at regional level, making it insensitive to any accidents occurring in other areas.

Most local and national operators have chosen for a long time to locate in Padua the coordination structure for North-East; it would then be less efficient to place the NAP in another area.

The integration of the PA (Public Administration) in the NAP allows a wider integration of the PA within the information society, thus increasing the number of potential efficient users and/or suppliers of the PA locally.