Access to VSIX is opened to all operators who accept and sign the conditions of the Admission regulations, and have the necessary requirements.


  1. Applicants who wish to join VSIX must sign the membership application form and send it to VSIX via certified email.
  2. VSIX will verify that the Member fulfils all the technical and administrative requirements in accordance with the Statute and Regulations. Said requirements must be maintained throughout the membership period and VSIX will carry out continuous checks in this regard.
  3. If the application procedure has a negative outcome, VSIX will communicate the reasons that led to the application being rejected.
  4. In the event that the application procedure has a positive outcome, the Member commits to activate the connection to VSIX within and no later than 90 days from the request for membership, under penalty of forfeiting the validity of the membership approval, installing all equipment necessary for this purpose.